Make A Day That Suits Your Salon

Make A Day That Suits Your Salon

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colour theory made simple

Select up to 3 of the skills  from the menu below in the area's you would like your team to work on and i will combine them to create your custom training day


express balayage 

Sick of balayage? Does it take you too long? Do you get anxious when your client comes in for a refresh? I will show you how to express your balayage and perfect your root stretch to create beautiful, social media ready looks advertising your talent. 

Colour is Colour

No matter the brand of colour you use the theory of colour will never change. Green neutralises red, blue neutralises orange and so on, but what if I gave you the knowledge to look at a colour and know exactly what to use without any of the guess work, and no worry of  the end result. The simple theory of colour I teach will leave you with all the fun of creating colours with none of the fear factor!

Foils will never die

Love or hate them, foils will always be a part of a colourists life. In this course however,  we will look at the more contemporary and creative use of foils and toning, to create more on trend results. 


the long and short of short 

Throughout my career, I have come across many stylists afraid of short hair on men and women, who separate the two too much. I don't treat them differently, short hair, is short hair and I will show you how to choose the perfect style to suit the individual, not the gender.

 salon Savvy Stylist

Struggling to run on time with your appointments? We will look at compression hair cutting and ways to style the hair that will save you time, making you more relaxed and allowing you to perform to the best of your ability leaving the clients beaming with joy!

Curly girls and boys

With curly hair now a growing trend, there is no better time than now to up your game and beat the competition. Having curly hair myself, I have experienced first hand so many of the problems that many of my curly hair clients have encountered with past haircuts. This equipped me with the tools to show you how to cut the curl, handle the weight and dry the hair with no frizz achieving the best look possible.


Content Creator

Become a content creating genius.Learn how to create great pictures and videos to show off your talent, and how to utilise them to create new business through social media. 

make social pay 

Social media is one of the best tools to bring new clients into the salon from your local area and boost business. Once you know how, its easy!