James Atkinson has been passionate  about education since he was a young boy playing high level golf. He would help his fellow golfers improve their golf swing and to him, this felt completely natural, it wasn't like he was teaching all the time, it was just helping others to improve. James's golfing career didn't pan out the way he would have liked, but instead he has found his place in hairdressing. A job he loves, in an industry he is proud to be in. James' core skills are set in concrete because of the education he has received, and the dedication he has put in. His goal now is to pass on his knowledge and skills onto the new and existing generation of hairdressers. James has mentored and coached many hairdressers and he continually mentors the team he works with. He is currently a Redken UK Artist and an Educator at Lee Stafford Education. 


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James has created The Life Of Hair to deliver education that's focus was not solely technical brilliance, 

but that set out to fix the problems that stylist face on a daily basis. Anxiety, lack of technical

confidence, not able to keep on time to name but a few, all of these are obstacles that stand in the way of a hairdressers ability to meet their full potential. The Life Of Hair will teach you to be a better stylist, to trust your own knowledge and to be proficient at the work, leading you to a happier, more rewarding and lucrative career.


The goals are simple;

1: Help hairdressers feel more fulfilled in their job and reduce working anxiety.


2: To help hairdresser see the hair industry from a new perspective and make their personal dreams come true.

3: Show them their full earning potential and how to achieve it. 

4: Build the salon business from the stylist up giving bosses more time to focus on growing the business in new directions. 

I have loads of free information to help you grow as a stylist on YouTube and Instagram, if you have any questions I would love to hear them so reach out to me on either of those platforms.